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  • Shruti Patel

    Shruti Patel

    Lifelong learner striving to make development aid work better. Here because “If you don’t take risks for your opinion, you are nothing” ~Nassim Taleb

  • Ujjawal Br

    Ujjawal Br

  • Anne Delaporte

    Anne Delaporte

  • Julienne Celina

    Julienne Celina

    23-year old reader, storyteller, adventurer, dreamer and aspiring saint.

  • Mathius Mwesige

    Mathius Mwesige

  • Ekrem KÜÇÜK

    Ekrem KÜÇÜK

    Renaissance! | Behavioral & Experimental Economics | MSci in Econ @ Texas A&M University ’18 | 10 Countries/75 Cities

  • Tijl Dullers

    Tijl Dullers

    Enterprise — Solution Architect — Cloud Enthusiast https://www.linkedin.com/in/tijldullers/

  • Niyati Narain Mehra

    Niyati Narain Mehra

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